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Cloud Computing & Hosted Solutions

Cloud Computing is the future and it is here now. However, cloud computing is a confusing and diverse term that covers many different elements. We can advise you as to what is suitable for your business and will deliver the true benefits of the cloud – cost reduction, increased flexibility and improved reliability.

We are authorised partners for Google Business Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Each has its particular merits and we only recommend which is best for you after we have an understanding of your business's requirements. We can set-up pilot projects that you can see the benefits in action and then we can carry out your migration so that you can carry on working as normal. You will not be impacted by long downtimes and the whole process is painless!

We are experts in virtualisation technology and can provide Virtual Servers and Virtual Desktop installations if your business requires these. Virtualisation delivers many benefits such as maximising hardware effectiveness, reducing costs and delivering resilient services and can be a key element in an effective disaster recovery plan.

If you would like to discuss technical solutions such as hybrid cloud, fully resilient design and high availability we're happy to help. We're a Microsoft Cloud Partner so we know our stuff – and we promise to descend into baffling technical jargon!


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